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At AWS Holiday Homes, we're more than just a vacation rental platform; we're a community that thrives on genuine connections and a passion for delivering exceptional experiences.

In the heart of The Palm, AWS Holiday Homes began with three villas and a commitment to honesty and trust. Guests became friends, word spread, and today, with over seventy managed properties, AWS remains true to its values, building connections that endure.

Our journey is rooted in the belief that transparent, conscientious work can forge lasting bonds with our valued customers.

Be our guest today and let us arrange your memorable stay in the stunning Dubai.

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We guarantee your peace of mind. At AWS Holiday Homes, we take great satisfaction in a job well done, providing nothing less than the very best in terms of property management and upgrading, interior design, cleaning, and maintenance.

Additionally, property owners are of course prioritized should they wish to book their own locations with our services.


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A trusted, fast-growing holiday home company. We provide short-term rentals to clients looking for memorable and convenient accommodation in Dubai.